Gold mirror on polarised prescription lenses into an Oakley frame, a perfect match.


Oakely Feedback Polar Grey with Sapphire mirror. Superb result.

Oakley Thirteen with high index Blue-V lenses.

Oakley Frogskin with Adaptive mirror, (Grey transition/Green mirror). Just brilliant.

Wow , two in the same day. Oakley Juliet with tinted and red/flame mirror, prescription lenses. Old Oakley lens in the back for comparison.


What a beauty! Juliet with prescription Polarized and sapphire mirror.


Really lovely pair of Oakley's reglazed today, looking great with grey 85% tint with Sapphire Mirror.


What about this beauty, A Juliette with tinted and mirror. Brilliant, old mirror lens shown too!


Oakley Hyperlink with 1.74 index tinted with a red mirror, stunning.


Oakley Flak Jacket Adaptive Mirror, Nice!


Oakley Fast Jacket 2 with mirror and tint.


Oakley Chainlink, Super thin Polarized grey, Red-Flame mirror, high prescription.

Video here: Mirror Coated Lenses

Oakley Flak Jacket 2 with polarized and red/flame mirror.



Jawbone with Vents in Adaptive mirror. just brilliant.



Oakley Encounter, grey tinted, blue mirror. Better than the original Oakley lenses.



Oakley Split Jacket, with Vents, Varifocals, Transition high Index and a spare yellow pairs lenses too!


Worth working late! Halfjacket 2, Transition with Mirror, high cyl over-3.00 R&L looking wicked.



New Techi, new ideas, great results! Vented prescription lenses! 



Oakley, Varifocal, Polar, Blue mirror.

Oakley BottleCap with polarized mirror coated lenses.

Oakley X Metal with new high index polarized with mirror, brilliant, someone will be happy!


Jawbone with XtrActive and Red Flame mirror. Lovely!

Flak Jacket, high index, tinted with UC coating.

New Half Jacket with Mirrored lenses, brilliant!

Another pair with Adaptive Mirror!



Oakley Half Jacket.

Oakley Holbrook, Varifocal, Polar, Polycarb with Mirror!


Oakley Turbine, Grey Polarized with Silver Mirror. Lovely!!


Flame Mirror on XtrActive Transitions - our new Adaptive Mirror into an Oakley Silver frame.

Gunmetal Mirror?grey Polarized. Single Vision.


Flame Mirror, Grey Tint, Single Vision.



Brown Polar, back surface MAR.


Grey Polarized, Blue Flash Mirror, Varifocal.