New Lenses.

We charge a £25 supplement to glaze and supply lenses for this type of frame over and above the normal lens price.

You may have a frame that is still in perfect working order but the lenses are damaged, scratched or broken so you need new non-prescription lenses.

You may want to put prescription lenses in, we can do most lens types with most lens options including tinted, clear, transitions, polarized and mirror coated.

Your frame have been discontinues so getting replacement lenses is now not an option.

Our lenses will have the best perfect optical quality but will not be branded with the originals manufactures logo.

We cannot add the logo of choice of course but how much is that worth when you can save upto £165?

Look at the price difference and make your choice.

We can do many other wrapped style of frames some Ray Bans, Adidas, Nike and also the specialised moisture chamber glasses.