Why So Special?

1. Curved / wrapped frames require lenses that have more curve to them. We often have to have 6 0r 8 Base curved lenses manufactures to fit the profile of the frame.

2. The bevel on the edge of the lens has to be specially ground to give what we call a 'step bevel'. This is the one in the middle of the 5 lens options below. All the other can be done on a standard glazing machine.



3. The combination special bevel, lens curve and lens material allow us to generate a lens that will fit, look good and stay firmly in place giving high quality vision for all lens types, be they single vision or vairifocal. Power compensations are calculated to allow for the way the frame is fitted on the face.



4. We can do many other wrapped style of frames some Ray Bans, Adidas, Nike and also the specialised moisture chamber glasses. Feel free to ring and ask if your frame choice is one we can do.